Centralised Match for Advanced Training in

Geriatric Medicine in Victoria in 2020

Second Round Match

Update: 3rd August 2019

      • All Advanced Training positions in Geriatric Medicine in Victoria are appointed through the Centralised Match.
      • The match is exclusively for RACP Advanced Trainees.
      • VGMTP runs the match in collaboration with RACP.
      • Regular updates will appear on this website. There are significant changes from last year.
      • The match is run in two rounds:
        • The first round was for continuing Advanced Trainees.
        • The second round is for trainees joining the program for the first time, and those not matched in the first round.
      • No trainee will be matched to a health services where he/she has not applied.
      • No health service will be matched with a trainee that they did not list.
      • The results of the match are binding on both the applicant and health-service.


Power Point Table 07.08.2019

 Important Dates Table 05.08.2019


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